I’ve got a present! But because I’m too excited, I open it ahead of time. (Plus, I know what it is anyway. Ha-Ha) It is one of my secret Christmas wish -  "Relaks, pag-ibig lang yan, parang kagat lang ng langgam” Planner 2014! - I plan to buy if for myself, I secretly wish it, no single soul knows. I’m kinda selfish too, I don’t want anyone to know, they might like it and buy one. So, I got contented looking over the net and wait for next year to buy one.

But luckily I have a generous and thoughtful friend, I didn’t expect him to buy me this planner nor give me any present at all. We we’re hanging out at the mall and I ask him if we could drop by in one of the bookstores to look for the planner, unfortunately, they are out of stock. Though, I found the actually thing at bratpack yet I didn’t have the guts to by it right away. (we have a little fight, actually. Me being plain stupid. Mehehe) Days after, he joke around about giving me the planner and I thought he’s just trying to play with me that’s why I got really surprised when he gave it to me. We’re on our way home, riding in a jeep, he hands me a sealed paper bag from bratpack, from that moment I knew it was the planner. My voice got one octave high and said, ” Ay shet. Seryoso ‘to?!”. Looking and sounding dumb as ever I hug him and said thank you. Hahahaha!! I’m so lame.

I filled up one week already, I’ve shared a lot of thoughts and emotion through writing it down. Some good ideas that came to my mind lately and some pointless thoughts that I’ve realize. I have also keep some items from last week that will make me remember what had happen. Receipts, Tag, Tickets taht will always remind me of my past.

Hey you, awesome friend.

Thank you so much for the planner. Thank you for the wonderful gift. More than anything, I appreciate it! I name it Riri, by the way. I will fill it with wonderful memories and ideas from now on, hopefully, you being part of it.